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Waterproof mobile phone news - SnapALoop prevents users from dropping phones

A waterproof mobile phone may still function after exposure to liquid. However, in a similar situation, standard smartphones or other handsets may be unsalvageable.

To reduce the number of broken handsets, a company in Florida has developed a new product which prevents customers from dropping their phones.

The invention, called SnapALoop, involves attaching a small ring to the back of a mobile phone. A user slides their finger through the hole to ensure his or her device does not fall out of their hand.

Bryan Karle, CEO of SnapALoop, said dropping a smartphone can prove costly.

He stated, "You can spend $300, $400, $500 (£185, £246, £307) or more on some of these devices and when you drop one on tile or cement, even on a wood floor you run the risk of having it break apart.

"I know boaters who have dropped their cell phones in the water, people who have dropped their phones in a pool and I know people who've accidentally dropped their phone in the toilet… I've dropped my phone plenty of times while trying to multitask or while texting and that's how I came up the idea for SnapALoop"

The product will go on sale in early May and should cost $9.95 (£6.12) per set.

However, to ensure your phone survives a fall, consider purchasing a tough or waterproof mobile phone with Tuffphones.