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GPS news - Waterproof mobile phone helps sailor to dry land

Why would you want a waterproof mobile phone? I mean what's the point?

Sure, a water proof mobile phone might allow you to call in to work to let them know you'll be late because you've been caught in a monsoon-like downpour. Yes, it might allow you to celebrate a personal triumph by uncorking a bottle of fizzed up champagne safe in the knowledge that your phone won't be damaged. Hey, it might even be useful when it comes to your next plumbing job, but it's not like it's actually going to save your life, is it?

Think again. Newspapers reported this week that Florence Arthaud, 1990 winner of the Route du Rhum single-handed transatlantic sailing race, had her life saved thanks to some quick thinking and her waterproof telephone.

Apparently she was going for an unharnessed toilet break over the side of her yacht when a small wave knocked her overboard.

"I quite simply fell into the water while preparing to take a pee," said the unabashed Ms Arthaud.

However, because she managed to hold her waterproofed phone, she was able to "call mum", who then alerted a rescue team.

Although she spent nearly two hours in the water and developed hypothermia as a result of her ordeal, it is likely that were it not for one waterproof mobile phone, it's GPS system and her headlamp, the world would have lost one of its leading female sailors.