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Splash-proof news - Water-proof mobile phone for accident-prone people, a mobile handset comparison website, has recently conducted research which shows how useful it could be to have a water-proof mobile phone.

The survey, which questioned 1,937 adult phone owners, revealed that not only do 31% of mobile phones become damaged by water, but 47% of these water-damaged mobiles are broken after being dropped down a toilet by accident.

Furthermore, 21% of water-damaged mobiles have drinks spilt on them or are dropped into a drink and 12% of those surveyed admitted to dropping their handset in the bath or shower.

Reportedly, two other ‘popular' ways to unintentionally break mobile phones were to drop them in the kitchen sink or forget to take them out of a trouser or jacket pocket before starting the washing machine.

It seems as though mobile phone users who believe that splash-proof mobile phones are only useful for avid water-sports enthusiasts, fishermen and lifeguards, may be wrong.

The founder of stated, "As somebody who has nearly dropped his phone into all manner of liquids, these results really make me thankful that this is something I haven't done as yet.

"I can't imagine how galling it must be to retrieve a mobile phone from a toilet bowl, so my sympathies go out to anyone who has."

Any people who own a handset and are worried about it suffering water-damage may want to swap it for a water-proof mobile phone so that they can have peace of mind wherever they choose to make a call.