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Tuffphones Top 15 Android Apps - Part 2.

Hello again and welcome to the Tuffphones Top 15 Android Apps Series Part 2. In part 1 we had a look at some of the apps I can't bring myself to uninstall from my NGM Explorer handset.

We'll be continuing with apps 6 to 10 in our list of 15, so pop your tough phone on silent, grab a coffee and read on...

    1. AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

      I often find the space available on my tough phone runs out quite quickly. If I'm taking photos or I'm installing some of my favourite apps, it can leave me with very little storage space.

      So, like many tough phone users, I've opted to install a Micro SD card to help free up some of the space on my phone. It is possible to move apps to the SD card from the phone storage once the app is installed on your handset, however, this does take quite a bit of digging through menus, so can take some time.

      This is why AppMgr III is such a fantastic app. It saves you from all the menu digging and lets you move apps directly from the phone storage onto your SD card. You can also uninstall any apps you don't want, straight from its easy-to-use interface.

      Another useful feature lets you hide built-in apps or 'bloatware', which may have come preinstalled on the handset from your 'app drawer'. With a beautiful ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich )-style UI, this is an app you can't pass up. Besides, with more than 20,000,000 downloads, it would appear many other Smartphone users would agree.

      You can find AppMgr III on the Google play store and best of all, it's free!

    2. EasyMoney 1.0

If there was one app I simply couldn't do without, this is it!

EasyMoney 1.0 is the best personal expense tracking app on the market. With an extensive list of features, such as a bills reminder, expense tracker and checkbook register, you can keep on top of all of your finances.

I regularly use this as my personal and business expense tracking app. I can budget, split transactions, receive notifications about overdue bills and upcoming payments that have to be made, plus I can export the files as a CSV file into Microsoft Excel.

For added security, there is also a 4-digit PIN required for entry into the app, as well as a backup option to an SD card with a daily automated backup that can be created if you need one.

At a whopping £6.49, this is an app you might need to budget for... but hey, what a perfect app to do it with!

You can find it here at the Google play store.

  1. WeatherPro

    I really dislike getting wet and while my tough phone might be water resistant or even waterproof, I am not.

    I always check my WeatherPro app before leaving the house, sometimes before getting dressed even! I can plan my day – and sometimes even my week – around this app.

    With brilliant visuals and more information than you can shake a soggy stick at, you can check the air pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation amount, humidity, sunrise and sunset times, plus a whole lot more.

    You can even add the app as a background wallpaper to your home screen, so you can see what the weather is like without going into the full app.

    At only £2.49 over at the Google play store, you won't need to dig into your ‘rainy day’ fund to buy this app.

  2. Smart Tools

    This app is like carrying a mini toolbox around in your pocket. For only £1.65, you get access to all 15 of the developer's pro tools, such as a compass, metal detector, GPS, measuring tools, length, height, vibrometer, sound level meter and more.

    There is also a rumour that the developer will be adding in a barometer!

    Check it out at Google play store.

  3. WebMD for Android

    Ashamedly, I am not nearly as tough as my tough phone. One little nick or bruise and I am running to WebMD for Android and its First Aid Essentials section.

    With the ability to provide you with a symptom checker, pill identification tool, drugs and treatments database, and a local health facility listing, this is an app that – while not taking the place of a reputable health care professional – does a good job of helping you target any ailments you might have.

    While this might be the hypochondriac in me, I think this is an app I actually couldn't ‘live’ without...

    Pick it up at the Google play store for free.

Well that is it for Part 2 of our Top 15 Tuffphones Android Apps! If you have any suggestions, please let us hear them so we can review them in future posts.

Come back soon for our finale in Part 3!