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Tuffphones Top 15 Android Apps - Part 1.

Here at Tuffphones we're always checking out the latest and greatest in mobile technology, we love our phones and, personally, I can't ever seem to put mine down.
I'm always fiddling with my NGM Explorer, installing new apps, and uninstalling the ones that I don't want or need anymore.

Over time I've found that there are a handful of really useful apps that I tend to use on a daily basis. They range from news apps to those that are really useful for my work and help me to keep on top of things.

Here are my first 5 Tuff phone mobile apps!

  1. avast! Free Mobile Security

    Tough phones are great, they usually come encased in 14" of reinforced titanium and rubber – which is great for protecting the outside – but what about the all important inside?

    This is where avast! Free Mobile Security comes into play. Already used by more than 14 million users worldwide, it has a plethora of features which will ensure that your mobile phone is protected from the latest Android malware that is circling the globe.
    A few of the more useful features like an Antivirus scan which will check all of the files on your phone and SD card, an Anti-Theft tracker which gives you remote control of your handset from the avast! site should your handset get lost or stolen, plus GPS tracking so you can locate the handset.

    You can download avast! free from the Google play store.

  2. Safe In Cloud Password Manager

    A lot of my web activity takes place on my tough phone, be it web browsing, online banking, uploading photos to my dropbox account, or checking for views on my online dating profile (no luck there yet).

    I used to use the same password for all of my accounts until I got hacked and started taking net security more seriously – thanks avast! for the helping hand.

    I changed all of my passwords and started using Safe In Cloud Password Manager to remember all of them, so I don't have to. I'm far too busy and important for that!
    This app has the highest user rating of all password managers in the app store, which I believe is testimony enough to the security and usefulness of this app.

    If however that isn't sufficient to convince you, then take note of this: 'SICPM' uses the same 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm that is used by the U.S. Government for its top secret files on UFO abductions, crop circles, and human cloning etc... I jest about the file subjects, but it's really, really secure!
    Another thing worth mentioning is that your password database is synchronised with your own cloud account at Google Drive, Sky Drive, Box, and Dropbox if you use any of these services. This means that if you ever changed handsets due to an upgrade, loss, or theft, you can easily continue to use all of the services you love!

    You can get all of this protection for only £2.99 at the Google play store.

  3. MyBackup Pro

    I have personally found this app to be essential on more than one occasion, it would also appear that more than 2.5 million other users would agree.

    MyBackup Pro is the easiest way to back up all of the information that resides on your phone to one secure place, just in case anything ever went wrong.
    It can back up the data that is on your SD card, your applications, photos, music, contacts, call history, browser bookmarks, SMS text messages, and MMS message attachments, plus a lot more.

    If anything ever happens to your handset you can just reinstate all of the data, apps, and features that were on your phone to a new handset if need be.
    You can also view all of this data by logging into the Web Viewer at

    You can purchase this app from the Google play store for £3.15 or download the free version which is limited to only 30 days.

    Paid Version
    Free Version

  4. Juice Defender Ultimate

    I love using my tough phone and I really dislike running out of battery! This is where Juice Defender Ultimate saves the day.
    Employing a range of advanced power saving features, which are fully customisable, you can make sure that you will have a full day's battery life, if not more, if you use this app.

    Designed specifically for the purpose of extending your battery life it'll manage features on the phone such as WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity. Furthermore, you can set up schedules so that only certain apps run at specified times. There are different schedules for different situations, like night mode, peak mode, weekend mode, and work mode, all of which can be tweaked and customised so that you can get the most out of this app.

    Juice Defender Ultimate comes with the pretty hefty price tag of £4.99 on the Google play store.

    There is also Juice Defender Plus, another variant of JDU, it has slightly less in the way of customisable options and features but at £1.99, it's a purchase that's easy to swallow.

  5. PayPal

    Is there a better payment service than PayPal? If there is then I've never seen it.
    I pay for a lot of my online purchases using my PayPal account and more often than not I'm doing that on my tough phone using the Paypal app .

    You can sign into your account using their secure log-in gateway, check your balance, withdraw and add funds into your PayPal account, and generally manage your settings and account functionality.

    It has many, if not all, of the same features as the desktop browser version, only condensed into one smaller phone sized package.

    You can pick up the PayPal mobile app at the Google play market for free.

Well that concludes the first part of our top 15 android apps. I hope that you find these apps useful, I know that I have.
If you have any app preferences, then please let us know so we can review them and add them into this list.

Check back regularly as our Tuffphones Top 15 Apps - Part 2 will be coming soon.