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Rugged mobile news - Misplaced your hammer? Use tough mobile phones

Recently Nokia set out to show the world just how tough the screen of their new Nokia Lumia 900 really is.

First they filmed someone trying to hammer a nail into it, and then they showed that it was tough enough to actually be used as a hammer itself.

It's pretty impressive stuff – but there is another phone which is capable of more impressive stunts.

The Nokia 3720 Classic is a tough mobile phone. You might think that the Lumia is tough, but that was just the screen being tested. The 3720 Classic is rugged all over.

It can survive having water spilt over it, it won't let harmful dust into its workings, and it can also survive being dropped from a significant height and hit against things.

Furthermore, it's really easy to use. I personally struggle with smartphones. I tap the wrong letters when I'm texting and I don't understand how to get from one screen to the other.

So, for all other individuals who are interested in tough mobile phones but don't want to have to pour thought the user manual for every little function – the Nokia 3720 Classic actually has buttons!

Buttons – in my opinion the most important thing a phone can have, bar ruggedness.

Switching from your current phone to this one will be as easy as hitting a nail into a piece of wood using a mobile phone screen! (That's easy by the way.)