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Samsung Solid Immerse news - Tough mobiles needed for toilet talkers

Waterproofing is an increasingly common feature of pretty much all new tough mobile phones now being introduced to the market, and it is easy to see why…

A new study by a UK-based mobile phone comparison website has revealed that thousands of users have damaged or destroyed a mobile phone by dropping it in water.

But it is not just any old water that is posing the most common hazard. In fact, according to the study, nearly half of water-damaged phones suffer their fates as a result of being dropped down the loo!

It can be an embarrassing situation, particularly if there is someone on the other end of the line at the precise moment the phone goes "splosh!" – a situation which certainly leaves the unlucky person with a bit of awkward explaining to do.

But it is not the nation's loos that leave people wishing they'd bought a tough mobile – other places where phones are likely to suffer water damage include the shower or bath, the kitchen sink and the washing machine.

Yes, it is easy to see why waterproof tough mobile phones such as the Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse are becoming more and more attractive to consumers.