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Do you phone people in the same house?

Although this is probably dependant on where you live, it certainly seems that winter is coming to a close and spring is on the horizon.

Consequently, now might be a perfect time to leave the house and enjoy the sunshine. Moreover, to make sure you don't lose contact with friends or family members, we have a wide range of tough mobile phones which should withstand the various hazards of the 'great outdoors'.

However, the results of a recent survey suggest that we could be over-reliant on our devices. According to the Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index, after polling 2,500 adults, nearly half have previously emailed, tweeted, texted, or called another person – when they were located in the same house.

Moreover, instead of talking to them in person, 22% actually preferred to communicate with other individuals via their devices.

Mobile phones are fantastic gadgets, but this research suggests that many people could be excessively using their handsets.

Therefore, it might be nice to switch off and venture outside every once in a while. Of course, if you absolutely have to stay in contact with your friends or family members, then we have plenty of shock, dust, or waterproof mobile phones which are likely to suit your needs.