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Rugged phone news - Tough mobile phones useful in agricultural industry

Many people view tough mobile phones as only being useful for individuals who undertake extreme sports or work on building sites or in other hazardous industrial trades.

However, a rugged mobile phone could in fact also be useful for farmers, who often work alone in isolated locations with heavy machinery which can cause severe injuries.

Recently, one 46-year-old delivery driver who was unloading a vehicle at Holme Bank Farm in Great Urswick, Cumbria, became trapped under a hay bale and is now in a serious but stable condition in Furness General Hospital.

Luckily for him there was a farm worker nearby who came to his aid and called the emergency services, but last year an 81-year-old farmer suffered fatal injuries under similar circumstances and died in hospital. He was trapped by a tractor for three hours before two walkers found him.

There have been many similar accidents involving farmers and farm workers and a tough mobile phone with a man-down emergency function for lone workers could call an ambulance to their aid quickly and potentially save their life.

For example, the ITTM Outlimits DSS dual SIM handset has a special SOS system, which calls an emergency number if it receives a sudden impact. This could be invaluable if a worker has fallen from height and is unconscious.