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Waterproof phone news - Tough mobile phones good for pet owners

When people are talking about the reason they have a tough mobile phone, I'm pretty sure that reducing the risk of a house fire comes pretty low down the list.

However, in recapping this year's tough mobile phone news Tuff Phones came across an interesting story which demonstrates how a tough phone can, potentially, save users from losing it all in a house fire.

The story concerns, of all things, a Chihuahua named Lily who while in her owner's bedroom chewed though a Samsung phone. Bizarrely, what happened next is that the dog's saliva caused a chemical reaction with the lithium in the phone's battery, which then created heat, which in turn created a spark which set the carpet aflame – a situation which might have been avoided had the phone been tough and waterproof.

Were it not for a smoke alarm in the property and the prompt response of the fire service, the family concerned could have lost everything.

A fire service spokesperson commented, "The property was filled with smoke when we arrived and upstairs a mobile phone battery was lying on the carpet on fire.

"We believe the phone battery may have reacted with the dog's saliva. Luckily the occupants had a working smoke alarm as this could have been a lot worse.

"And if the dog had been in the home alone when this happened, she could have been seriously hurt as well as the potential of causing a serious fire."

The message in all of this?

Always have a smoke alarm in your property and get your dog a bone, or even better, get yourself a tough mobile phone.