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Motorola Defy news - Best tough mobile phones don’t deviate

You know something is a classic when its basic design and features don't change much from incarnation to incarnation – just think of the original Ford T, the original Volkswagen Beetle and the original Mini. All these motor vehicles hardly changed at all over the years because, primarily, they were so successful in the first place. And it's the same with tough mobile phones – although there are incremental improvements in technology, if the original phone is a success, there is no reason to deviate from the original blueprint.

A case in point is the Motorola Defy. It is sleek, stylish, water and dirt resistant, shock proof and neatly harnesses Android technology. And although the bigwigs at Motorola have decided it is time to improve on the tough mobile phone, the changes they have made would be best characterised as mere "tweaks".

Yes, the power of the chipset has been increased to 1GHz (from the original 8MHz), it has been equipped with a slightly larger battery and upgraded to Android 2.3 but, essentially, it remains very much the same phone.

A spokesperson from the company comments, "Motorola Defy+, our latest life-proof smartphone, delivers the endurance and design strength to keep up with even the most demanding lifestyles, along with the social and entertainment capabilities that put friends and fun in easy reach. We designed Motorola Defy+ with all the smartphone features you need for a demanding lifestyle."

The reasons why users may want the Defy+ are obvious: perhaps they are a real aficionado of the Defy and have cash to burn or maybe they're new to the market and want something at the cutting edge and are prepared to pay the price. But fundamentally, the original Defy is likely to continue to appeal to tough mobile phone enthusiasts.

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