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Rugged mobile news - Tough mobile phones might not withstand teacher

Some communication problems can be resolved by buying a tough mobile phone which can withstand being dropped from height, submerged in water, left in a dusty environment, and survive extreme temperatures.

However a slightly different but common communication problem being experienced in many schools around the UK is being tackled by the removal of mobiles from pupils or stricter rules on their presence in the classroom.

Whereas in the wide world it is important to be able to communicate with friends and family on the go – with a rugged mobile phone or an un-toughened handset – in the classroom mobiles can hinder the important communication which goes on between teacher and pupil.

Instead of learning about 1066 or World War II, one might be learning that John just asked Cara out in the middle of the canteen and she said no because she fancies Dan.

This social interaction is undoubtedly important so that children turn into well-adjusted adults with good life skills, but academic learning should not be interrupted by mobile phone texts and calls.

So, although tough mobile phones can withstand almost anything, one thing they might not be able to withstand is a teacher's authority over pupils and a school's rules on class disturbances.