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Rugged mobile news - New tough mobile phone created from bamboo

Is your phone made of bamboo? No, it probably isn't, but it could be now that a product design student studying in Middlesex has created one.

Irritated that many smart phones were so similar in their design, the young man designed a new model and posted the images online. He was then contacted by a technology entrepreneur and his surprisingly tough mobile phone, the ADzero will be on sale later this year.

Reportedly it weighs half as much as an iPhone, and is stronger and more durable than might be imagined.

It is unlikely that this tough mobile phone is quite as sturdy, or in fact as water resistant, as rugged mobile phones specifically designed to withstand drops from height and submersion in water, such as the Motorola Defy, but still it's rather impressive.

The bamboo the mobile is made from is four years old and organically grown – that already sounds sturdy without any tests being performed on it.

We imagine that any posters or TV adverts showing off the ADzero will likely involve pandas. It's just a guess, but they'd be missing a trick if they didn't use the most recognisable supporters of bamboo in the world to promote such an interesting product.