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Sonim Toughphone news - Tough mobile phones could help stranded winter motorists

Concerned that only one in five drivers have made preparations for severe winter weather on the highways this season, the British Red Cross has advised people to make a "kit-bag" for emergencies at home and behind the wheel.

Amongst the items listed by the charity are "emergency contact numbers", but there may be no point in a motorist having phone numbers at hand if they don't have a tough mobile phone which can withstand freezing temperatures.

It's all very well if a road user is stranded because of snow or ice and can call for assistance from a breakdown firm with the car heater running, but if their car battery has run down in extreme weather conditions they might find that it quickly gets as cold inside their vehicle as it is outside.

To be prepared for these sorts of situations the British Red Cross also recommends having a torch and spare batteries, a whistle, ready-to-eat food and three days supply of water, and it's in these circumstances that having a mobile phone which can function as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius could be very useful.

For example, a Sonim Toughphone, such as the XP3300 Force won't stop working when a motorist wants to call for help in freezing temperatures.

Many normal mobiles without rugged qualities suffer battery problems at minus 10 degrees Celsius and some others stop working altogether at minus 20, so it's well worth drivers investing in a tough mobile phone if they are going to be out on the roads this winter.