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Waterproof mobile phone news - Tough mobile phone doesn’t need a case

Aquapac, a company which produces and sells dustproof and waterproof bags, pouches and cases, has a range of merchandise angled towards the mobile phone market. However, for owners of a tough mobile phone, a waterproof pouch is not necessary.

Founded in 1983, the idea for the waterproof-casing company was developed after three windsurfers wanted to listen to their Walkmans while enjoying their water-sport.

Some of the pouches which have resulted from the initial idea 28 years ago have a waterproof rating of IPX6 and others are submersible, while the entire range is dust-proof, and this may be useful for people who do not have a waterproof mobile phone and give them some peace of mind.

However, tough mobile phones available from providers such as Tuff Phones are also dust-tight and have a rating up to IPX6 or are able to withstand submersion in water.

Furthermore, although the handset pouches are advertised as being made so that the mobile can still be used without being removed from its protective bag, touching the keys and taking phone calls is likely to be much easier without a pouch.

Nevertheless, the company do make other interesting waterproof casings and bags which people who have a waterproof mobile phone may find useful to protect other belongings with, for example a map case and camcorder bag.

Even with these items available for owners of non-waterproof handsets it may be worth remembering that not only are waterproof handsets, as the name suggests, waterproof, but most are in fact shockproof too.

This means that whereas in a waterproof bag a mobile is still liable to break if dropped on dry land, a tough mobile phone can survive life's knocks and that could save the owner money in the long run.