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Tough mobile phone news - BBC iPlayer app streams programmes on phones

Owners of tough mobile phone handsets which feature the Android operating system, such as the Motorola Defy, may be able to view BBC iPlayer on the move if developers update software to match a new update for Apple iPhones.
At the moment, Android users are only able to stream programmes from the catch-up service if they are covered by a wi-fi connection, however, the updated app available on the iPhone and iPad now allows people to stream the video over 3G mobile networks.

Although no details have yet been released as to when Android users are likely to be able to benefit from the same update, the BBC has revealed that the current Android app has already been downloaded to 1.2 million Android devices.

However, analysts have expressed concerns about the data usage required to stream the programmes. It has been reported that an hour's streaming can use as much as 300MB of data, and many smart phone holders have contracts that have a data allowance of 500MB or 1GB per month, meaning they could easily go over the limit and be subjected to extra charges.

The rising popularity of mobile television services indicates that owners of tough mobile phones and smart phones alike are increasingly searching for new ways to keep themselves entertained while they are on the go.