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Nokia news - Tough mobiles should be added to championships

If you thought that the London 2012 Olympics, the Paralympics or Euro 2012 were the big sporting events of the summer, think again – the World Championships in Mobile Phone Throwing were recently held in Savonlinna, Finland. You've got to feel for the handsets that weren't tough mobiles.

In the end, first prize went to a Finnish teenager who managed to toss an old Nokia an amazing 101.46 metres – a world record. Second prize went to a South African who threw 94.67m, while the defending champion took third with 86.94m.

"Before mobile phones become toxic waste they can be recycled in sport activities, i.e., in Mobile Phone Throwing, the only sport where you can pay back all the frustrations and disappointments caused by these modern equipments," said a spokesperson for the competition.

Here at Tuff Phones we think that the organisers of the World Championships in Mobile Phone Throwing are missing a trick – surely it would be more interesting to have a tough mobile section as well. That way it would be possible to combine awards for distance with awards for durability. Also it would mean that particular tough mobile phones would able to return each year in order to defend their titles. It would be amazing.