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Tuffphones wishes a happy 40th birthday to the mobile phone

On the 3rd of April, 1973, a man named Martin Cooper entered the history books – he became the first person to make a public mobile phone call. Although cutting edge for its time, the device he used was approximately nine inches tall and took ten hours to recharge – but only had a talk-time of around 35 minutes.

As this handset was rather large and weighty, it was affectionately dubbed ‘the brick'. Many individuals probably believed that this new technology would never catch on, and might have even regarded it as a passing fad.

However, if the mobile phone had emotions, it could be overjoyed right now – and would be busy celebrating its 40th birthday.

Over the last few decades, the mobile phone industry has greatly evolved – providing numerous types of handsets which can accomplish many different tasks.

For example, at Tuffphones, we specialise in supplying shockproof, durable, vibration resistant, or waterproof mobile phones which can withstand a variety of hazardous situations. So, whereas some handsets are unable to function following an impact or after accidently being dropped, our devices should continue to work.

We can only speculate what will happen to the mobile phone industry within the next 40 years. Some believe handsets will become smaller, fit on a person's wrist, or could be controlled using the senses.

However, although we will certainly move with the times, our company will continue to supply durable handsets, such as our range of tough mobile phones.