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Splash-proof phone news - Rainy weather could spell disaster for some phones

With winter weather forecasts revealing that the UK is not going to miraculously be treated to a sun-drenched November to March, it might just be time to invest in a splash-proof phone.

More and more people are using their handsets to make calls, take pictures and capture video in all sorts of weather conditions, often as part of their job, and the likelihood of ordinary mobile phone failure increases if the handset is exposed to wet conditions on a regular basis.

In early November, parts of the country were hit by torrential rain storms which caused widespread flash flooding and problems on the roads and as heavy rain and snow storms become a regular feature of UK winters, the possibility of having a mobile phone handset ruined by precipitation becomes ever more real.

For some people a fully waterproof phone may be deemed necessary, especially for those who work in and around deep water, while for others, such as construction workers, shock-proof and dust-proof models are going to be useful, but for most users, a splash-proof phone will almost certainly reduce the likelihood of wet conditions ruining connectivity.

Long-range weather forecasting for November suggested that mild, wet and windy conditions would be prevalent for much of the UK, but when a change comes and the cloud moves away, large parts of the country could experience cold and even freezing conditions.

Tuffphones advises anyone who relies on their mobile phone, especially if they have to use it extensively outdoors, to invest in a splash-proof phone or tough mobile phone from their range.