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Tough mobile news - Sodden Brits need splash proof mobiles

If you think you don't need a splash proof mobile phone, think again – us Brits expose our phones to water and other liquids far more often that we might think.

A recent survey by a waterproofing company P2i showed us that our phones are constantly being exposed to a broad range of hazards, from (predictably) beer, tea and coffee to (less predictably) urine, saunas and showers.

Well, I don't think anyone is about to advocate that we stop taking our phones to the pub (8% of all cases of water damage are caused by spilled alcohol, apparently), but perhaps we should all begin to seriously consider the benefits of having a splash proof mobile phone to take down to the pub for those moments when diminished balance, full pints and mobile telephones converge on single incidents.

As for saunas (reportedly 3% of Brits regularly sauna with their phone), I didn't know that we were so, well, Scandinavian. Actually, I'm quite impressed that saunas are becoming such a staple of British life, but if this is to become the case and we are to insist on staying connected while in these damp and wet environments, we could do worse than invest in waterproof mobiles.

As for urine: the less said the better. I'll just say the words ‘splash proof mobile phone' again and leave it at that.