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Splash-proof mobile phone news - New spray may protect all phones from water

Many people have first-hand experience of the disastrous effects of water damage to a mobile phone, whether they have accidently knocked a cup of tea over their handset, dropped it down the toilet or left it outside forgotten during a thunderstorm.

After a mobile phone is rendered useless by the water damage, a lot of people choose to replace their broken phones with a waterproof or splash-proof mobile phone to prevent a repeat of what happened to the previous model.

However, the invention of a new waterproof spray, named NeverWet, may mean that people who do not want to purchase waterproof phones could nevertheless protect their mobile.

Supposedly, if a mobile phone has been protected with the silicon spray, produced by Ross Nanotechnology, it could survive being submerged in water for hours. Calculators, clothes and any other surface could also potentially be made fully waterproof with NeverWet.

It is thought that the spray will become available to public consumers in early 2012, but for now at least, purchasing a dedicated splash-proof mobile phone is the only way to avoid a case of irreversible water damage.