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Mobile news - New dust-proof mobile phone for athletes

Do you want a dust-proof mobile phone that's also water resistant and able to withstand rough conditions?

If you do, Sony Ericsson has teamed up with Billabong to produce a unique version of its Xperia smartphone and, just in time for the London Olympics, it's being marketed at athletes.

The Xperia Active Billabong edition features the same specs as its predecessor, but as well as being dust proof, it also has a scratch resistant display and wet-finger tracking.

It also comes pre-loaded with fitness features like ANT+ so you can plan, log and monitor your workout. A GPS, barometer and compass are also included so you can track activities such as cycling, walking and running.

According to a Sony Ericsson press release, Billabong is testing out the phone at sport events in Austria, Tahiti and Singapore.

Stephan Croix, Vice President Head of Global Marketing Creation for Sony Ericsson said, "Billabong brings a new, enthusiastic and engaging audience who are early technology adopters and influencers in the areas of sports and technology"

With all its features, Sony's dust-proof mobile phone should be able to keep up with whatever the experienced athlete can throw at it – as long as it's not a 7kg shot