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65% of children may own a mobile phone

These days, certain handsets can withstand all sorts of hazards. For example, a shockproof mobile phone may continue working after being dropped from height or following a collision with another object.

Furthermore, whereas a normal handset may cease to function after being exposed to liquid, waterproof mobile phones will probably survive this hazard.

Bearing this in mind, would these devices prove useful for children? After conducting a survey across the five nations of Chile, Egypt, India, Japan, India, and Indonesia, global mobile communication company NTT Docomo revealed that approximately 65% of these children may own a handset.

Of these respondents, aged between eight and eighteen, just 20% used smartphones while the majority seemed to prefer more conventional mobiles. Furthermore, it appears these young consumers primarily used their handsets for tasks such as taking pictures, listening to music, or surfing the internet.

However, considering children can also participate in a wide range of other activities, such as playing sports and exploring the great outdoors, their handsets were probably exposed to all manner of potential hazards – and some might have been damaged as a result.

Therefore, parents might want to consider buying their offspring a device which can withstand everyday wear and tear – and perhaps one which will continue functioning throughout their child's teenage years. Fortunately, Tuffphones has a wide range of handsets which could prove greatly beneficial.