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Samsung's first quarter profits and shockproof mobile phones

Here at Tuffphones, we are proud to offer our customers high-quality waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof mobile phones.

Currently, we are particularly pleased to be able to offer four great Samsung tough mobile phones. Samsung recently released its figures for the first quarter of this year – and the company are doing quite well to say the least. We see this as hard proof – excuse the weak pun – of how well-made and designed these mobiles are.

Due to the popularity of its products, the South Korean firm has reported mind-blowing net profits of 7.15 Trillion Won (around £4.1 Billion). This figure means that the company has increased its total sales from 45.3 Trillion Won, to 52.9 Trillion Won since last quarter!

All this, and at the time these impressive numbers were revealed, the firm had yet to even launch its anticipated Galaxy S4 – which has only recently been released.

For those of you who want to hold a Galaxy in your hands and call it yours, but often break your mobile phone by accident, or have a job which might result in your handset getting damaged, we have two Galaxies for you – and both of them are tough.

The Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover and S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2 have a similar look to the S4, but can survive life's knocks. It's like these three mobiles are brothers who look very much alike – but two are regular gym-goers.

So – want the galaxy in the palm of your hand? Have a look at our Samsung shockproof mobile phones – we have no doubt you'll be impressed.