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Rugged mobile news - People looking for shock proof phones this Christmas

The product review and technological news site, CNET, has published a guide for people who want to buy themselves a new mobile phone for Christmas this year.

The list of steps to follow when choosing a handset could not only come in useful when picking a normal mobile, without rugged qualities, but may be equally helpful for consumers looking for shock-proof phones which will last longer.

Some details to bear in mind are the phone's design, display, buttons and controls, menus, call performance, data and media performance, and the battery life.

Of course, not all of these particulars will be of importance to everyone. For example some people do not use their mobile phone to look at or listen to media, and so the quality of that function is unlikely to matter.

So, one of the first questions a customer should pose themselves, according to the website, is "what conditions will you use [the handset] in?"

The article explains, "If you work outside, for example, you might want a rugged [mobile] phone with a durable shell." Additionally, if you are often going to be outdoors and away from a battery charger, a long battery life may also be an important consideration.

Luckily, if you are looking for a shock proof phone for yourself or as a present for someone else at Christmas, a wide range of these sturdy handsets can be found online here. Furthermore, most of them are also water resistant and dust proof, so they could be better value for money in the long run and certainly be an excellent gift 'not just for Christmas'.