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Samsung news - Shock proof mobile phone set to be superhero

Not so long ago even the smallest mobiles looked like bricks, and they weren't even shock proof mobile phones.

Yet nowadays, things are different because shock proof mobile phones no longer look like something huge and rugged you should keep in your tool shed. Nor do they look like one of the Tonka toys of yore. Instead, they're slowly moving the way of superheroes or science fiction-like ingenuity.

Take the latest Samsung concept phone, which we at Tuff Phones have recently had a heads-up about: it's flexible – you know, like Unusually Flexible Girl from The Incredibles or one of those weird shape-shifting-type characters from Star Trek.

Inside word is that the new Samsung Galaxy Skin will have an innovative AMOLED display that will enable the phone to be wrapped round a cylinder with with a mere 1-inch diameter.

Good news is that it's also meant to be "almost unbreakable" and much brighter than a normal display screen – sounds like it'd be ideal if you find yourself unexpectedly trapped beneath a pile or rubble.

It's able to be so flexible, yet so tough, partly because its made from a high-tech plastic polyimide substrate. But the crucial factor in making the phone "indestructible" is the inclusion of miracle material "graphene", which is, they say, "some 200 times stronger than structural steel". No wonder they say it is so tough that it survives being hit with a hammer.

Graphene is pretty super stuff – back in 2010 the Nobel prize for physics was awarded to two scientists "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene"

Right, as for spec… well, it is said that the Galaxy Skin will offer a high-resolution 800×480 flexible AMOLED screen, eight megapixel camera and 1Gb of RAM and 1.2GHz processor.

And there are also rumours that the apparently shock proof mobile phone will have multiple uses – so it truly will be a science fiction shape-shifter.

As you can imagine, we at Tuff Phones can hardly wait.