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Mobile phone news - Lifeproof turns iPhone 4s into shock-proof mobile phones

Lifeproof, a company which designs mobile phone cases for all-environmental protection, has released a new product that claims to turn iPhones (4/4S) into durable, shock-proof mobile phones.

Their new case costs around £50 and also makes the iPhone dirt, snow, water and dust-proof.

The case completely covers the phone, using rubber gaskets, seals and a removable headphone screw to ensure tight coverage.

This protection also allows the phone to survive drops of up to 2 metres and only weighs an extra 28 grams.

However, for those who want to listen to music underwater, the company also sells an adapter to allow the owner to plug in waterproof headphones for use while swimming.

Although Lifeproof has created a case that allows iPhones to become water-proof, and shock-proof mobile phones, they do not recommend removing and re-installing the product more than around six times and say it should be submerged in water for about an hour to ensure viability prior to first use.

For users who want to make sure their mobile phone is genuinely waterproof, TuffPhones always recommends buying a manufacturer-guaranteed water-proof model.