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Rugged mobile news - Shock-proof mobile phones could be useful to families

A recent report by telecoms regulator Ofcom has shown that there are now more than 76.4million active mobile phones, including shock-proof mobile phones, in Britain.

Apparently that means there are more mobile phone handsets than people in the UK, with some adults owning two or three phones in order to keep work and social-life calls and messages separate.

Understandably, some people who are employed in trades which might lead to their phone getting broken may want to own two handsets, but this is not necessary as many rugged mobile phones, which are shock resistant and dust tight, also come with dual-sim capabilities.

These tough phones, which are often also water-proof, may become popular with some families who do not have a landline.

Reportedly one in seven UK households rely on mobiles to make and receive calls, and one in fourteen rely on mobiles for internet browsing and to view emails, so purchasing handsets which can withstand drops, dust and spillages could be very useful.

Furthermore, any families or workers who do not want to replace the mobiles they currently have could purchase a shock-proof mobile phone as a back-up handset for when the others break.