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Rugged news - Military shock proof mobiles need security clearance

Security issues are holding up the introduction of many shock proof mobile phones into the US military, but this does not mean that tough phones will not soon be an integral part of one of the world's greatest military machines.

Many of the usual suspects have been mooted to take the lead in providing the US military with waterproof and shock proof mobile phones, including Samsung, ITTM, Apple and JCB, however the leading candidate so far appears to be General Dynamics, which, with its GD2000, seems to pitch itself somewhere between small tablets and handhelds. The GD2000 is said to be a tough and mobile personal computer and measures 1.8 inches by 6.6 inches by 4.8 inches.

Paratroopers have already tested the unit for shock, dirt and water resistance, and say it comes up trumps.

But, as with all things technological, it does not end there and the company are already thinking about the next step in rugged mobile handsets.

When asked to envision the ideal military-specific waterproof and shock proof mobile phone a General Dynamics spokesperson stated, "Imagine a pocket, tablet-sized, or even smaller rugged smart phone that can seamlessly transition from Wi-Fi to cellular to tactical radio waveforms."

Furthermore, said the spokesperson, it would be able to run "both personal and specialised tactical apps, separated by a secure firewall. The tactical apps could also run within a secure, cyber-protected operating system when needed."

That sounds like it's going to take some seriously powerful microprocessors. We can't wait to see if General Dynamic's dream mobile phone becomes a reality.