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Shock-proof mobile phones news - Softbank plan for natural disasters

Shock-proof mobile phones may withstand drops, impacts or other forces which would otherwise damage a normal handset – but have you heard of earthquake-proof devices?

Softbank, a mobile phone network provider in Japan, may start using blimps in emergency situations. In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, the organisation may float these balloons above the ground to provide temporary mobile phone reception.

When an earthquake or other natural disaster occurs, mobile phone masts and power lines are often brought down. This can result in towns or villages being left without signal and electricity for several weeks.

In these situations, the balloons will be held 100 metres above the incident and powered using a specially designed wind-resistant electric cable.

As well as providing people with phone reception, these blimps may also help search and rescue teams locate mobile phone users after a natural disaster.

To find out how effective the balloons are in real-world situations, Softbank are due to trial the blimps later next year.

Although shock-proof mobile phones are probably not earthquake resistant, they are usually a safe bet for those who are looking for a device which will withstand day-to-day wear and tear.