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Rugged mobile news - Shock-proof mobile phones for owners of old handsets

It's quite rare nowadays, but occasionally someone will take their phone out in front of you and instead of a glistening smart-phone it's a small brick, kept lovingly when most people upgraded ten or fifteen years ago.

I've witnessed individuals crack jokes about people's old mobile handsets, but in fact I quite admire the owners of these pieces of phone history. I view them as people who didn't take their old dog to the kennels and buy a fluffy new puppy to replace it.

Still, I feel that a shock-proof mobile phone will be the ideal mobile for these individuals when their phone finally does give up after its impressively lengthy years of service.

Rugged mobile phone's come in all sorts of styles, so there's something for everyone, but more importantly, unlike many slick handsets currently being sold, they will last and last.

People who have kept their old phones clearly value simple technology that lasts, and don't want to have to buy a padded case to protect the phone from the slightest knock.

Shock-proof mobile phones don't need tucking to bed at night – they're phones that do their jobs and do them well.

Not only can you drop them from a considerable height without them breaking, they are also dustproof, scratchproof, and waterproof.

Anyone who buys one won't have to think about upgrading again for years, which is perfect for people who stick by their tech till the end.