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Shock proof mobile phone news - Motorola releases information on Defy mini

Fans of the popular shock proof mobile phone Motorola Defy may be pleased to find out that Motorola has released information about plans to introduce two new android phones to the market. One of the new mobile handsets, named the Defy Mini, will sport the same ‘life proof' features as the Defy.

Similarly to the Defy, the Defy Mini will be scratch, dust and splash resistant, but offers consumers the option of purchasing a smaller handset.

By opting for the newer version, people will be able to take advantage of a 3.2 inch screen, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, and a front facing camera to use in video chats.

Reports claim that the model may be sold in the US from February this year, and Motorola has stated that the phone will become available in Europe, China and Latin America during spring, although there is no specific indicator as to when the handset is likely to be released in the UK.

The Defy Mini is likely to be a hit with vast numbers of people who have previously broken mobile handsets after dropping them or suffering a water-related mishap, and may be searching for a shock proof mobile phone which stands a better chance of surviving what life throws at it.