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Sonim news - Rugged mobile phone recycling drive

Rugged mobile phones may be tough and, in some situations, near indestructible, but that doesn't mean that they can't be recycled.

Whether you have got a new rugged mobile phone for Christmas to replace an older one or you are making your first foray into the tough phone market, it's worth remembering that mobile phones can be recycled.

Recycling phones makes sense on so many levels – phones contain precious metals, which, when left on landfills, can be harmful to the environment, but when properly sorted and recycled can instead serve a valuable purpose.

Recycling Minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach comments, "The old electricals we think are just destined for the scrap heap are packed with precious materials and rare metals that are worth a fortune if they are recycled properly. The amount of palladium we expect to be chucked out over the next few years from old computers, tvs and electrical alone could be worth more than £1billion. These are resources that won't last forever and we simply cannot afford to waste them.

"I challenge everyone to make a new year's resolution to do the right thing with their old electricals and stop these precious materials going to landfill."

Hear, hear! So when you buy your new rugged mobile phone, whether it's a Sonim, a JCB or a Motorola, remember that your old one can be recycled.