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Rugged phones news - Mobile phone app allows blind and deaf to use SMS

Telecommunications technology has developed over the last few years, providing consumers with waterproof, tough and rugged mobile phones to survive all sorts of hazardous situations.

However, how do you design mobile phone technology for someone who is visually and hearing impaired?

One Indian computer student appears to have found the answer. Anmol Anand, a final year student at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management in Delhi, has designed a phone application which converts SMS messages into Morse code for blind and deaf users.

Mr Anand designed "PocketSMS" while working on a summer internship programme for Bidirectional Access Promotion Society. (BAPSI)

The founder, Dr Arun Mehta, said he had voice recognition software for blind and Braille keyboards – but nothing for those who may be both deaf and blind.

He said, "Braille devices can be expensive, the idea of PocketSMS takes advantage of the old Morse technology using vibrations that is really easy to program on smart phones.

"We have provided clear instructions for caregivers to help install the software…It works best when the screen guard is turned off."

If the user is not familiar with Morse code, the company also offers a training application for Android devices.

Those who are interested in the software can download it for free from However, if you are looking for rugged mobile phones, Tuffphones is the place to be.