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Shockproof news - Comedian would have done less damage to rugged phone

There can be few jobs where it is as invaluable to have a rugged mobile phone as being a member of the paparazzi.

Practically every week, it seems, there is a story of some piqued celebrity taking umbrage at yet another invasion of privacy by grabbing a paparazzi phone and hurling it away.

So it is a shock to us here at Tuffphones that so many paparazzi continue to stick with standard iPhones and smartphones when, patently, it would make more sense to have a rugged mobile phone alternative such as the Motorola Defy or the Durrocomm Oberon Dual Sim.

Just last week comedian Russell Brand became the latest celebrity to become embroiled in a phone-throwing scandal after apparently taking offence at a paparazzo taking pictures without permission.

Although the phone suffered only ‘minimal damage', chances are that had it been a rugged mobile phone there would have been none at all.

Mr Brand was arrested then released on bail over the incident. He has said that he will vigorously defend any charges.

As for the paparazzo, surely it's time to get a new job or, perhaps, a shockproof and tough mobile.