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Shock proof news - Rugged mobile use not ok behind the wheel

It's all very well using a rugged mobile phone while driving if you're a park ranger and you need to report that there are some ivory hunters shooting elephants in the vicinity – same goes if you're a soldier and you need to call in for reinforcements to help combat the enemy.

The list could go on. Quite simply there are many situations that occur every day around the world where using a rugged mobile phone while driving is not only acceptable but also advisable.

The same cannot be said, however, for the normal road user. For those of us who have tough mobile phones because we work in construction, carpentry or indeed any other profession (emergency services excepted), there can be little justifiable cause for using our phones while we drive.

This was a truth recently learned the hard way by a woman from Belfast who was making a compensation claim for the minor injuries she sustained in a collision with a lorry.

The judge hearing the case said that she could not receive compensation because her mobile phone use at the time of the incident was "the obvious reason for this entirely inexplicable accident."

And chances are that phone didn't survive the incident intact either – the fact that it would have done had it been a rugged mobile phone must, in light of the accident, be considered a moot point.