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Waterproof news - Rugged mobile phone case name questioned

A man from New Zealand is facing up to a potential legal fight with global giant Apple over the name of his rugged mobile phone making product, driphone.

Apple Corporation has told the product's inventor that it may object to the use of the name and has instructed Wellington-based patent lawyers to handle the matter.

It is understood that driphone is a kind of case that, although by no means a replacement for a specialist rugged mobile phone, apparently makes standard iPhones and Google Android smartphones waterproof and shockproof.

The New Zealand entrepreneur advertised his application for the driphone trademark on September 30 last year, with objectors given until the final day of the year to oppose.

However, a letter from Apple's lawyers requests an extension of this period, "We would be grateful if you would consent to an extension of time of one month from 30 December 2011 for filing a notice of opposition in this matter. If you are unwilling to consent please let us know as soon as possible."

It seems that the world of rugged mobile phones may have to brace itself for a period of rugged legal confrontation.