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Tough mobile phone news - Danish company create rugged mobile phone

A company in Denmark called Æsir has created a rugged mobile phone which it claims will never need to be replaced by the owner.

The firm's founder, Thomas Jensen, explained, "There's a long tradition in Denmark to build things that will last. So we tried to design our mobile phone like you would a chair, boiling it down to the essence of what it should be."

Jensen believes that technology should be made to last, rather than be replaced every couple of years.

As a result, the mobile handset, which has been named the Æ+Y, is not what would be called a ‘smart phone' and can do little else other than make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages, but it is made of surgical-grade steel and has a simple design which lends itself to surviving life's knocks largely undamaged.

It is important to add that the individual pieces of the mobile have been designed so that any damaged parts can be interchanged without harm to other pieces of the handset. This means that although the phone is being hailed as being able to last forever – the owner may have to replace certain components throughout the years in order to help it achieve that goal.

In comparison, each one of Tuffphones' range of rugged mobiles really is made to last, without the need for parts being replaced to keep the phone in working condition.

Moreover, as with all top-spec items Æsir customers will have to pay extensively if they wish to own this tough mobile phone.

The company's website shows a price-tag of € 42,000 (about £36,000) for the limited edition 18 carat gold version of the phone, and €7,250 (about £6,230) for the stainless steel version.

People who would like to learn more about this rugged mobile phone can visit the Æsir website but it may pay to remember that Tuffphones' handsets are all well under a tenth of the price of Æsir's least expensive mobile.