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Tough phone news - Rugged mobile phone a better gift than Furby

Reportedly, the must-have toy of 1998, Furby, is about to make a comeback this Christmas.

However, instead of Tiger Electronics' furry and repetitive playmate, I believe that children should be given rugged mobile phone this December.

Taboo – the newest Furby – may be cute-looking and very clever from both a mechanical and marketing perspective but I think it might lack the durability that is needed around youngsters.

Not only do I believe that ‘accidentally' dropping a Furby in water, exposing its electronics to dust, pushing it off a table, or leaving it in the baking hot sun or sat in the freezer, will cause the critter to fall deadly silent, or alternatively go mad and keep repeating one phrase over and over even when the batteries have been removed – terrifying – I also believe that children will get tired of it within six months.

On the other hand, a tough mobile phone will last through all of these hardships, and children never get board of texting and chatting with friends (although it never to excess, of course).

So, if you want to buy a long-lasting and much-loved gift this year, go rugged mobile phone – not Furby.