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Tough mobile news - Rugged mobile phone case on Kickstarter website

The demand for rugged mobile phones seems to be increasing, even amongst the mobile handset owners who still cannot resist having the latest sleek-looking smart phones.

Profiting from this demand, mobile phone accessory designer, Snow Lizard Products, has created the Aqua Tek S – a case specially designed to carry an iPhone 4 or 4S – and is trying to raise money for its production via online funding platform Kickstarter.

The case will be made from sturdy poly-carbonate materials, include a solar-powered charger, and reportedly will allow the handset to survive underwater like a tough mobile phone.

However, there are some catches, the headphone jack and some of the mobile's buttons, such as the camera's on/off function, will be inaccessible without removing the phone from the safety of its case. Furthermore, it will cost $129.99 (around £82). Let's just remember this is only a phone case, not a phone.

Nevertheless, individuals can ‘pledge' certain amounts of money via the Kickstarter website, as long as it's a minimum of $1, and will be rewarded for their help by Snow Lizard Products following any pledges of $25 or more.

So far the company has $43,711 (about £27,836) worth of pledges, but it will only have its project funded through Kickstarter if it gains $75,000 worth of pledges. It has until the 10th March.

Anyone who wants a rugged mobile phone without the aid of a case might want to look into buying a mobile handset which is made to be tough from the moment it's boxed up by the manufacturer.

For example, the Outlimits 3G Dual Sim is very sturdy and has grips on the side so that you might not have to test its ruggedness too often, and for people who still want something sleek there's the Motorola Defy available.