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Tough mobile phones news - Mobile phone detects radiation

Customers who often visit potentially hazardous locations may find tough mobile phones beneficial. Usually, these handsets are durable, reliable and able to cope with the demands of the working world.

However, when visiting areas contaminated with nuclear fallout, customers may need more than just a durable mobile phone.

Fortunately, Japanese company Softbank has developed a new mobile phone which could be a reliable alternative to the Geiger counter. The Pantone 5 107SH already features existing technologies such as Android 4.0, a 1.4GHz processor and a 4MP camera. Yet, this handset is the first smartphone to have an in-built radiation detector.

After the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Japan's citizens have been increasingly worried about radiation exposure. When the mobile phone is made available to customers later in July, those concerned about nuclear contamination can just press a button on the front of the handset and measure nearby radiation levels.

Although its readings are not as accurate as traditional Geiger counters, this smartphone could present an affordable, compact alternative.

Thankfully, although some UK customers may require tough mobile phones, there may not be an immediate demand for handsets which can measure radiation levels. However, it is reassuring to know companies like Softbank are building useful handsets for all sorts of adverse conditions.