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Sturdy mobile news - i’m company make watch-styled tough mobile phones

i'm, a company run by Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, has created a new type of mobile phone which is likely to be of great interest to people who enjoy owning the newest technologies.

Available to buy in the UK in 2012, the i'mWatch is an LCD screen smart-phone worn on an owner's wrist like a watch.

Although the screen will be made of Sapphire Glass, which is very strong and scratch-resistant, owners may find that traditional tough mobile phone handsets will stand the test of time much better than this new style.

Anything worn on the wrist is liable to accidentally strike hard surfaces during day-to-day activities, and as a result these touch-screen phone-watches may not last as well as a normal hand-held shock-proof mobile phone.

Furthermore, many tough mobile phones are also water-resistant but this is not a feature which the i'm company advertises, and could lead to water damage when owners of the i'mWatch wash their hands etc.

Currently, the most basic version of the i'mWatch costs around £212, but there are more expensive styles available which have added gold detail and one model is adorned with diamonds.

Potentially, if this new mobile phone style becomes popular, manufacturers of tough mobile phones will have to introduce ranges of sturdy, splash-proof watch-phones which may last longer than the i'mWatch and be more practical and better value for money in the long-term.