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Mobile phone news - Visiting a restaurant? Don't put your phone on the table

Those who own durable, waterproof, or tough mobile phones may use their handsets in all sorts of hazardous locations, including the dinner table.

I realise this sounds like an odd thing to say, but restaurants can be dangerous places for conventional mobiles. For example, these devices could suffer damage due to a spilt glass of water or fall from height.

Owners of shock-proof mobile phones should be able to leave their handsets on the table without worrying about its safety, however, recent research suggests this may not be a good idea for entirely different reasons.

Two studies, published in a scientific journal, revealed that having a conversation while leaving a mobile phone in view could damage a relationship.

The first study involved participants talking about an interesting experience, which had recently happened to them, while the second looked at both mundane and meaningful conversation topics. After asking the subjects how they felt about each other, those who talked while a handset was in view did not get along as well as the other group who had a notebook in its place.

The researchers theorised that the presence of a mobile phone may remind people of other individuals or occasions, reducing the quality of conversation and positive feelings towards participants.

Therefore, the next time you visit a restaurant, or have a family meal, you should probably refrain from putting your handset on the table. Although it may survive this situation, your relationship might not.