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Tough mobile phone news - Local government uses rugged handsets

Organisations may want to utilise tough mobile phone technology if they wish to support or manage their employees. Now, according to a survey conducted by Ryzex and 1st Touch, 67% of UK social housing and local government groups are incorporating durable mobile devices into their line of work.

Tough mobile phones are gaining in popularity as an alternative to standard devices, with the majority of surveyed users needing to replace their broken handsets between every one and six months.

Cherry Rance, Marketing Director of 1st Touch, said pairing the right device with the right application can bring significant efficiencies and productivity increases to any organisation:

She said: "Simply put, the right rugged device and the right mobile workforce solution can completely revolutionise communication with back office systems as well as customers. Choosing the wrong device or the wrong mobile solution leads to significant downtime and highly questionable ROI (Return on Investment)."

The survey also showed 100% of second-generation handset users may upgrade to a tough mobile phone in order to increase productivity. Every person surveyed would also consider purchasing a rugged device to reduce the chances of suffering equipment failure.