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A trapped famer may have been saved due to his seemingly durable mobile phone

When reading newspapers or catching up on current affairs, it isn't uncommon to hear about depressing stories, gloomy predictions, and disheartening ongoing situations. Yet, on occasion, an item will have a happy ending.

Take the case of an Essex farmer. This man was fulfilling one of his many work tasks, when a one-tonne hay bale fell on top of him, trapping the worker face-down in the dirt.

A story such as this could have easily ended in tragedy. Not only was the hay bale reportedly making it quite hard for the man to breathe, but as he was working alone, the emergency services might not have been able to locate him.

Fortunately, the famer had his handset with him. Although there are no reports as to whether or not this device was a tough or durable mobile phone, I'm betting it was made of pretty sturdy stuff in order to withstand a one-tonne hay bale.

Using his mobile, he dialled 999 and his rescuers arrived to help him to safety. He was later taken to hospital with stomach injuries – but this accident could have been a lot worse.

We wish the farmer all the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery. However, this story raises a very important point: if you work in a potentially hazardous occupation, could your handset withstand a similar incident?

Fortunately, we sell a wide variety of durable, tough, and shock-proof mobile phones which should be able to withstand all sorts of situations. Why not browse our selection to see if we have something to suit your needs?