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Dustproof mobile phone news - House of Lords wants cap on roaming rates

A person usually purchases a dust-proof mobile phone because of the devices‘ ability to withstand tough conditions. If the gadget endures the elements, the buyer may feel more confident in taking their phone to other locations and countries.

However, when a customer uses their phone in Europe, they may be exposing themselves to roaming charges.

Some members of the House of Lords say Britons are paying far too much to use their smartphones in the EU. They want a cap placed on data-roaming fees to reduce the price of calls, texts and other services abroad.

Current roaming regulations come to an end on the 30th of June, so the European Parliament is under pressure to agree on a new set of rules before the deadline.

Present EU roaming charges are around 30p per minute to make a phone call and about 9p to send a text message, excluding VAT.

If the European Parliament votes to introduce a roaming cap later this year, Britons may not have to pay quite so much to use their phones abroad.

When the new rules come into effect in June, phone users may be able to receive cheaper rates just in time for the summer. At Tuffphones we can provide durable mobiles for all sorts of harsh conditions, whether diving on holiday or working on a building site, we will probably have the right phone to suit you.