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ToughPhone news - Dust-proof mobile phones are recession-proof

There are some signs that dust-proof mobile phones are resisting the general stalling in growth in the mobile phone market – but why?

Well, new figures detail how mobile phone growth has really hit the wall in the third quarter, down globally to 5.6% from 16.5% in the second quarter.

An analyst with research firm Gartner explains, "The economic factor is there, definitely. If you look at smartphone performance in some southern European countries, it is flat or declining."

"Last quarter, we warned of a slowdown in smartphone sales in western Europe," she adds.

Yet this doesn't answer our question – just why are tough and dust-proof mobile phones seemingly immune to a generally lethargic mobile phone market?

Well, although there are no figures detailing just how much the market in dust-proof mobile phones is defying the general trend, it is pretty safe bet that it has something to do with their specialised use.

Quite simply, a phone that is dust proof is always going to be of use to a builder or a tradesman, and as the technology is improving, with phones such as the Sonim XP3300 and Outlimits 3G Dual Sim really pushing the boundaries of what we once thought possible, it's easy to see why dust-proof is also recession-proof.