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Rugged mobile phone news - Military dust proof mobile phones

According to some reports, the potential for an even more effective military communications system is becoming more of a possibility.

This is down to water and dust proof mobile phones and anti-tamper technology coming together to create the ultimate rugged mobile phone.

Soon, sending important pieces of information to troops, wherever they are in the world and however heavily occupied an area they are positioned in, could be a piece of cake.

Using tough mobile smart-phones, classified information, which could put soldiers in danger if it fell into wrong hands, could be sent effortlessly to the correct people at the correct time – no foot messengers, carrier pigeons, secret letters or hackable laptops needed.

One of the last problems to be eliminated – how to render any information unattainable should the phone be lost or stolen – is still being worked on.

Still, in the near future we may see dust proof mobile phones in the line of duty, helping our troops send and receive information quicker and more securely than ever before.