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Tough phone news - Dust proof mobile phones to benefit lifeguards

Increasingly, the technology developed to create waterproof, sand proof and dust proof mobile phones is not just being used to benefit outdoor adventurers and the construction industry, it is also becoming a matter of life and death.

More and more emergency services teams from around the world are being aided by waterproof, sand proof and dust proof mobile phone technology, whether it's the latest Motorola Defy, Land Rover X1 or Samsung Solid Immerse.

For example, the real-life Baywatch team on Queensland's Sunshine Coast are set to embrace tough phone technology as a way of improving their emergency response.

"We would be in a position not only to give a precise location of an event to emergency services - we could also provide images to mainland hospital staff or ambulance personnel to determine any immediate medical status and remedy," said a spokesperson with the Sunshine Coast Lifeguard Service.

And the first waterproof and dust-proof mobile phone they are set to trial is the Motorola Defy.

"The Motorola DEFY is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and dust proof, making it the ideal device for lifeguards to use on the beach all day," said the same spokesperson.

Perhaps if the long-rumoured new series of Baywatch ever does actually materialise it will have a new feature: the slow mo montage of tough mobile phones being used in beach rescue emergencies.