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Rugged mobile news - Dust-proof mobile phones the warriors of the handset world

Modern day technology can put up with a lot. Manufacturers have learnt through trial and error what potential sticky ends their product could meet, and have designed and re-designed until the standards are so high that TV shows start running the item over with monster trucks.

One electronic product which has refused to get left behind is the humble mobile phone.

It's got significantly smaller and tougher than its ancestors, and yet only some of these communication handsets can claim to be warriors in the mobile world.

There are a lot of phones with scratch-resistant screens – but not so many shock, water and dust-proof mobile phones.

Yes, the era of the rugged mobile phone is upon us, here to help save us money and the need to replace handsets every six months!

Behold how the apple (or other similar) product's screen shatters when accidentally dropped onto the pavement – not so with tough, dust-proof mobile phones.

Despite the better value for money, some people are too attached to their sleek smartphone to buy a rugged one. Well, there's a cure for that – the Motorola Defy. It's sleek, it's shiny, and most importantly it's tough.

Now there really is no excuse not to move with the times. Smartphones may look fancy, but in my opinion they're actually a step down from rugged handsets. So, if you want to ‘get with the times', owning a tough phone is the way to go.